This is a place to ask any questions concerning photography which I will do my best to answer.

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  1. It’s killing me… one of your friends mentioned ‘black bounce’when commenting on your photo… what is this? It looks great but HOW? 🙂

    • Thanks Katheryn, that’s a good question. Normally bounced light is bounced off a white reflector. White card, a large white polystyrene sheet or a white umbrella. ‘Black bounce’ is the opposite, or more truly, light denied. Many moons ago I always preferred working in a black walled studio, as it is easier to add light than take it away and a white studio tends to scatter light all over the place and it fills in the shadows. I like dark shadows, particularly in black and white so I want to keep Sydney Jo Jacksonthem dark.

      Rather strangely, my wife would not let me paint the walls and ceiling of the front room black, so lately I have been forced to improvise. I now achieve the effect I want by rigging up an aluminium garden frame designed for fruit netting, and draping 48 inch wide black material (thanks ebay) right over it making a sort of black tent.

      I can sit my subject deep inside this dark tent and then just add light to the front. Because of the black, no stray light is reflected onto the subject, so I get dark shadows. In effect ‘black bounce’. One guy commenting on one of my photos described it rather well. ‘Painting with shadows’ – I couldn’t have put it better!

      I have written an article about Lighting The Head Shot which describes in more detail the benefits of black walls and ceiling in a studio.


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