The Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0

The WPB website has everything you need to know to photograph professional, profitable weddings every time.

I Shoot Shows

Professional music photographer Todd Owyoung shoots shows as his domain name explains.  What it does not explain is what a superb writer and generous sharer of knowledge Todd is, and I strongly recommend that you read his features and articles about photography, particularly Tutorials and Advice.  Whether you are a beginner or expert, Todd talks the sort of language that photographers can easily understand and his knowledge is always practical.


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Tom Hogan

Tom is a definitive writer of Nikon equipment guides, considered by many to be far superior to the official manuals in many respects. Most of his stuff you can get in PDF format so you don’t have to wait for a package to arrive by post. Here you’ll find extensive information about Nikon photographic equipment and support for all of Thom’s Nikon-related books. The best place to go for in depth Nikon reviews and user guides.

Blow-Up Movie Locations

Blow-Up was the iconic cult film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni about a fashion photographer who witnesses a murder through his camera during the ’60s in swinging London. I think it was responsible for about 1,000 red blooded males deciding to become photographers overnight, both at home and abroad. This website captures the key locations, one of which was my boss’s studio, the ego-manic and very extroverted John Cowan.

Blowup Then and Now

A website by Ian Bolton with in depth references to Blowup and all locations, then and now. Includes interviews with the stars and quirky references to details in the film, such as the legendary Nikon F camera used by Thomas (David Hemmings).

Antonioni’s “Blow Up”

A thoroughly extensive review and description of the Blow-Up film, lavishly illustrated with more stills from the movie.

Buy the Blow-Up DVD

You can buy the film and read reviews using the above link.

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